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Stativ dublu pentru două claviaturi EL260
Universal folding width-adjustable keyboard stand. Possibility to support other accessories such as a microphone or music holder.

1) Fully foldable: EL260's design allows a total folding up to a compact structure, easy to carry.
2) "Easy Lock" Mechanism: Operation of "EASY LOCK" aluminium mechanism.
3) Simple and accurate adjusment: Thanks to "EASY LOCK" mechanism, tiers adjustment is simple and accurate.
4) Adjustable height: Fully extendable feet for height adjustment.
5) Extendable stand: EL260's design allows width adjustment of the stand thanks to its sliding tube structure.

• Arm lenght: 330 mm (1); 490 mm (2)
• Load capacity for upper tier: 25 kg (1)
• Load capacity for base: 80 kg (2)
Minimum height: 720 mm
Maximum height: 860 mm
Base dimension: 660 > 950 mm
Pipe dimension: 25 x 25 x 1 mm
Load capacity: 120 Kg
Weight: 12.85 kg
Colours available: Matte black
Master pack: 1 pcs.
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