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Microfon dinamic pentru voce DM580
The DM580 is a professional dynamic microphone that is particularly tailored to female vocal applications.

Its cardioid polar pattern and reduced sensitivity make it the perfect choice when wedge monitor levels are high.

Its frequency response is well adapted to the human vocal range, and its natural bass roll-off makes it perfect for close vocal miking and reduce handling noise.
Transducer type: Moving Coil Dynamic
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Frequency response: 50Hz - 16kHz
Sensitivity: 1.75mV/Pa (-55dBV @ 0dB=1V/Pa)
Maximum SPL: 137 dB (for 0.5% THD)
Self noise: 20 dB-A
Nominal impedance: < 400 Ohm
Load impedance: 1500 Ohm (Reccommended)
Connectors: 3 Pin Male XLR
Dimension (L x D) 164mm x 51mm
Weight: 0.3 kg
Master pack: 1 pcs.
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