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Headphone amplifier featuring 4 totally independent amplification modules.

HAP10 headphone amplifier is the ideal solution for those who need to play one or more (mono/stereo) audio signals on several headphone.

1 rack unit designed, HAP10 allows a drummer, for example, to have the reference “click”, the bass and guitar rhythm and a singer’s voice on his/her headphone, all at the same time.

The sound technician can manage more than one signal at the same time on his amplifier, and put one of them on PFL for an excellent equalization. HAP10 features 4 totally independent amplification modules and all its functions are indicated by the front panel LEDs. Moreover, the amplifier can control input signals level and put the signals on “mute”; it can also connect various input modules to play one or more output signals.
Rack units: 1U rack 19"
Power supply: 9-12 Vcc 750 mA, jack female socket ø 2.1 mm (power supplier included)
Inputs: 2 mono jack female sockets ø 6.3 mm (R & L/mono)
Outputs: 1 stereo jack female socket ø 6.3 mm
Output power rated: 75 mW su 32 Ohm
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
Controls: Input level, MUTE with Led, Led CLIP, LINK (to connect the 4 independent channels)
Master pack: 1 pcs.
Weight: 1.7 kg
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