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Receptor pentru sistem In-Ear RM2000R
RM2000R Pocket Receiver, KOSS "The Plug" in-ear phones.

The RM2000T transmitter can be used with an infinite number of RM2000R receivers, given that they are tuned to the same frequency. This allows the mix at the inputs of the transmitter to be heard by anyone with a receiver.

The RM2000R receiver is available separately, allowing the expansion of the system to suit the needs of the user.

RM2000R Pocket Receiver:
• RF reception indicator,
• Battery Low indicator,
• Headphone Output 700mW @16Ω,
• Selectable Peak Limiter,
• Channel selector,
• Selectable Mono or Stereo operational modes,
• Volume control,
• >6 hours of use with 1x 9V Battery,
• "The Plug®" by KOSS® in-earphones included.
Radio frequency range: UHF High Band 750-865 MHz
Modulation: Stereo FM (FE3)
Maximum modulation: +/- 40 kHz
RF Sensitivity: -80 µV (20dB Sinad)
Distortion (THD): < 1%
Dynamic range: 100 dB
Frequency response: 50Hz to 18kHz
Outputs: 700mW @ 16Ω
Connectors: 1/8" mono mini-Jack
Receiver supply: 1x 9V Battery
Battery autonomy: > 6 hours
Receiver dimension: 105 x 65 x 24 mm
Receiver weight: 0.08 Kg
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